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InteractivePartsFinder.com is a set of extensions for the Magento 2 platform that allows shoppers to easily find replacement parts.

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Frontend Features

Model selector

Allow users to find the model they’re looking for based on things like year/make/model.

Interactive hotspots

Parts are linked to “hotspots” on the parts diagram, allowing users to easily identify the product they’re looking for.

Meta data

If multiple products link to the same hotspot, merchants can inform users the difference between the parts. Merchants can also specify the “QTY needed”.

Part-to-model compatibility

On product detail pages, users can see which models are compatible with that product.

Quick part search

Users who know the part they’re looking for can search by part name or SKU


Works on all devices

Part replacement (supersedure)

In the part replacement world, parts are commonly retired and replaced by newer (but still compatible parts). This feature allows an admin to define a specific product (or multiple products) as having replaced another product.

SEO optimized

Models are built on top of Magento’s native “category” entity, so they inherit all of the SEO and categorization benefits of categories.

Management Features

Hotspot management

Admin users can drag-and-drop hotspots on a parts diagram and relate hotspots to one or more products.

Part diagram import

Data can be imported from an API, imported via CSVs, or manually managed in the admin.

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